DTGi provides complete IT solutions with a support contract or per-incident support with our individual services.

Regardless of site or scope, contact us and we can customize a support experience that is right for your business. We can be your entire IT department, augment your current staff, or solve old technology issues.

Contract Solutions

Discover how effective IT outsourcing should be done: Traditional vs Proactive Solutions.

  • Traditional solutions are break fix, time-monitored support contracts that give you “facetime” but no proactive support.

  • Proactive solutions are out there in Managed Services but a lot of providers don’t give you facetime – with DTGi, you get both!

  • Join our IT family and get Proactive Solutions for a proactive IT world!

  • Complete Proactive Managed Network Services including: offsite backups, internet perimeter security, HaaS service, and risk management.

  • Customized To Meet Your Specific Business Needs

  • Guaranteed Deliverables

  • Guaranteed Response

  • Complimentary Consulting

DTGi can design, plan, implement and support IT projects for your business. We put focus on determining the right solution for your specific project needs. Tell us your desired affect or outcome and we will plan and implement the project for you.

Example Projects:

  • New Networks/Branches or Backup Solutions

  • Server or Firewall Deployments

  • Email Migrations/Email Archiving Solutions

  • Web Filter Solutions

  • Anti-Spam and Antivirus Solutions

  • WAN/Router Deployments

  • Intrusion Prevention Solutions

  • Entire Network Upgrades/New Client PC Deployment

DTGi has had vast experience in the area of consulting. We have a strong client base consisting of financial institutions along with a wide-range of other industries which allows us to be well-versed in security and experience in properly directing you IT infrastructure.

DTGi feels the right consulting practice balances the industry best recommendations with your desires. The most secure answer sometimes limits your business ability and we know that. We work to make sure you understand the risks and make it work for you. Why consulting might be an important factor for your business:

  • Need to Fulfill Auditor Requirements

  • Have some Internal Expertise but Need External Assessment

  • Do not have Internal IT knowledge and Need a Plan

  • Need Security Policies

  • Need a Long-Term IT Plan

  • Need a Third Party Network Assessment

DTG has planned for and conducted various projects for us – large and small. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, well-organized. Each project was conducted with excellent planning and coordinated deployment. Excellent in keeping us informed throughout the entire process.

J. Smith
Local Government Facility

Individual Services

Contact us today, we can help determine the best service to meet your needs.

Work from Anywhere

Your investment in Technology is as beneficial as your ability to get access to it. Dayton Technology Group can help you extend your accessibility to your Business Applications, Data, and Contact Management systems to virtually anywhere. Virtual Private Networks, Remote Access Services, Thin-Client Terminal Services, and Wireless Access Solutions are a few of the many ways that DTG can help you stay connected to your Business.

Complete Secure Remote Solutions Include:

Hardware: NO Additional hardware – your PC and smart phone is all that is required

Security: 2 Factor Authentication

VOIP: phones solutions that work over an internet connection OR with mobile app

Video Conferencing: solutions to web conference call

Pricing: is per user, per month as used with no minimum engagements or quantities

Timing: most solution can be in place within one day!

Specialized Support and Consultation

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