Cyberattacks are constantly on the rise. You have seen all of the staggering statistics. The threat to your business is real. Care must be taken to mitigate the risks from cyberattacks and protect your business.

A lot of businesses have fragmented protection systems, lack of a cybersecurity policy, and lack of advanced cybersecurity protection. That puts businesses at risk.

Healthy Cybersecurity readiness requires a holistic approach. DTG has an evolved Cybersecurity solution with that kind of approach.

DTG Cybersecurity Services:

  • Cybersecurity ASSESSMENT
    • Generalized assessment of your current cybersecurity situation at your company
  • Cybersecurity COMPLIANCE
    • One-Time or Annual testing of your Cybersecurity protection so you know the condition of your business cybersecurity protection
    • Cyber-Insurance
    • NIST Cybersecurity Framework Testing
    • CMMC Standard Testing
    • HIIPA Testing
  • Cybersecurity GUARD
    • An internal network watchguard that looks for suspicious activity.
    • Identify possible internal threats that traditional security measures may end up missing
    • Allows alert of possible issues of covert cybersecurity threats
  • Cybersecurity MANAGEMENT
    • A complete set of cybersecurity services
    • Assessment, Compliance Testing, Cybersecurity Guard, and management of controls are all included.

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