Cyberattacks are constantly on the rise. You have seen all of the staggering statistics. The threat to your business is real. Care must be taken to mitigate the risks from cyberattacks and protect your business.

A lot of businesses have fragmented protection systems, lack of a cybersecurity policy, and lack of advanced cybersecurity protection. That puts businesses at risk.

Healthy Cybersecurity readiness requires a holistic approach. DTG has an evolved Cybersecurity solution with that kind of approach.

Here is our DTG iNET Cybersecurity road map:

  • Cybersecurity Assessment
    • A complete assessment to identify what protection systems you have place and what
      state they are currently in.
    • Evaluate and present Cybersecurity readiness
  • Cybersecurity Policy
    • Based on your cybersecurity readiness and your goals, we will deploy a Policy to drive
      your new Cybersecurity protections.
  • Add Protection solutions
    • Deploy new solutions that are missing from your Cybersecurity goals like firewalls,
      antivirus, intrusion prevention, etc.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity services
    • DTG CyberGUARD services will add advanced cybersecurity protection to your network.
    • DTG CyberGUARD will seek to identify threats that get past your normal protection.
    • DTG CyberGUARD will elevate your entire Cybersecurity readiness.

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