Think about this … traditional IT support providers succeed when your network fails because of higher service costs.

Managed Services providers, on the other hand, succeed when your network succeeds when it is more predictable and running smoothly.

Local Government Board of Elections

SOS Security Directive Management

Dayton Technology Group has worked with multiple Ohio county Board of Elections offices to successfully deploy all Security Directives mandated by the State of Ohio making us intimately familiar with the details of the Security Directives, how to deploy them, and how to maintain them going forward.

How Do We Help Local Board of Elections Offices?

Your Board of Election office just invested in new IT equipment with the intent to better secure elections in the State of Ohio. This new investment should be protected and maintained. Our IT Support program deploys a set of proactive services to monitor and maintain your new network instead of waiting for problem issues to occur.

And, with aggressive discounts for Ohio Board of Elections offices, our IT Support program does not need to replace your current IT Support, on the contrary, it was designed to work WITH your current IT Support.

  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure your new investment stays up and running
  • Annual assessment to confirm compliance with Security Directives
  • Ability to keep your current IT support by integrating our management tools to manage your network quicker and more efficiently – at not additional cost
  • Troubleshooting IT support if necessary
  • Comprehensive IT support by Dayton Technology Group if needed

Our Board of Elections IT Support Program Offers:

for availability, performance and security issues and allows IT staff to fix those issues before they cause you an outage.

IT Tools for your IT staff. Alerts for your IT staff. If you have IT Support already, this will provide them access to the DTG monitoring and management tools so that they can monitor and manage your network

DTG will monitor and manage your Perimeter firewall. This includes: keep firewall updated, respond to any issues with the firewall, make changes to firewall as your office needs it, proactive maintenance of the firewall to keep it running correctly.

DTG will perform proactive and preventative maintenance for your servers, network switches, and firewalls. This ensures that proper on-going maintenance is performed for these critical devices.

Managed Antivirus for servers and workstations.

Managed Patch deployment for Microsoft updates and Third Party Application updates.

Annual assessment reports that will provide your office with reports that show you what status your network is in and what recommendations that DTG has for improvement, evolution or issues resolution.

iNET Backup: Managed offsite backups, Windows servers and workstations.

iNET MFA: Hosted and managed multi-factor authentication.

iNET Response: Let Dayton Technology Group be your IT Staff. Fixed fee for all IT response.

iNET Mobile: Mobile Device Management

iNET Alert Management: Evaluate and respond to ALBERT and SIEM alerts.

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